The Bay Area has a reputation for having some of the highest real estate prices in the nation.

But, according to a new report, the region’s housing market is far from as hot as its reputation makes it out to be.

In fact, according of a new study by RealtyTrac, there is a lot of room for improvement.

In a new analysis, Realty Trac found that the Bay region has one of the worst housing markets in the country, with a median home price of $5.25 million.

While some Bay Area cities are doing better than others, some areas are lagging.

A number of the Bay area’s big cities, including San Francisco and Oakland, are in the midst of major rebuilding projects.

Some Bay Area counties, like San Mateo and Marin, have seen record housing construction.

In many of those areas, the cost of the houses is far higher than what the median home costs.

Realtytrac is a real estate research firm that analyzes home prices, sales and vacancy data for the U.S. According to the report, in the top 20 cities with the highest median home prices in America, San Francisco is the only one where a home is currently valued at $3.75 million or more.

While that is not a perfect metric for the Bay, the report’s authors note that San Francisco’s median home is still cheaper than the median house in most of the other Bay Area metro areas.

While those median homes in the other markets are also more expensive than the San Francisco market, San Jose, Sacramento and San Diego have median home values of $2.75-3.5 million.

According the report the Bay is also the only area where there are a large number of homes for sale.

The report found that in the San Jose metro area, there are nearly 2,500 homes for rent and $7.4 million in total housing costs.

In the Marin area, home prices are down from their peak of $15 million in 2007.

There are also some areas in the Pacific Northwest that have seen housing prices increase slightly.

There, the median sale price for a home in November 2017 was $1.8 million.

The San Francisco Bay area is also one of America’s hottest housing markets.

According of Realty trac, the Bay has seen a recent housing bust with a shortage of affordable housing in some of its neighborhoods.

The number of units in the region is down nearly 8% from 2016.

A new study released by Realtrac found the region has seen nearly 10% of the nation’s total housing supply go unsold since 2013.

That means just over 14% of all new housing units sold in the U to date have been sold in San Francisco.

The area is still far from being a housing paradise for San Franciscans.

According a recent analysis from Zillow, there were about 2.6 million people living in San Franiscans homes in 2017.

That is about double the number of residents in the area in 2000.

There also aren’t many rental apartments available.

The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom in San Jose is $2,788, the cheapest in the United States, according a report by the rental housing website Zumper.

The median rent for condos in the city is $1,200, which is $200 more than in San Diego.

There is also some housing stock that is far more expensive.

A recent study by found that San Jose was the fifth-most expensive city for condos.

In San Francisco, median price for condos is $946,500, while the median price of single-family homes in San Mateos is $876,400.

That makes for an average price of about $1 million per home in San Leandro.

The cost of housing is one of many factors that are driving up home prices.

The U..

S., in general, has been adding more homes per year since 2008.

However, the rate of home sales has been declining since then.

According in Realty, there have been more than 9 million homes sold in California since 2007.

The study found that between 2000 and 2015, the number and value of new homes per capita in California fell by 3.4%.

The U,S.

has been steadily losing jobs in the last decade, and the U, is experiencing the worst job growth in the developed world.

The Bay area has seen the worst jobs growth since the recession, with the number jobless in the state at 16.9% in January.

The unemployment rate in the bay area is about 6.7%, compared to 9.1% in the metro area of Los Angeles, 7.7% in San Antonio and 6.9%, in San Bernardino.

The housing market in the Peninsula has also been suffering for a while.

There were 5.7 million new homes built in the peninsula in 2016, compared to just over 4.7 billion in the countywide area. According

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