I bought a condo in West Edmonton, a small town in Alberta’s far north that is the third-largest city in Canada.

But I don’t think I’ll be moving anywhere in the next few years, especially as I get older.

I’m a single dad with three kids.

I can’t imagine living in a condo, but I have two young kids, ages 11 and 15, who love my condo.

I live in a $1.5 million home in downtown Toronto and have a mortgage on my condo, which I can pay off in five years.

But the condo I bought five years ago in West, a city of 3.3 million people, is gone.

It’s worth less than half its asking price.

The condominium I bought in Edmonton, in the heart of the city, is worth more than a million.

What do I need to do to stay in the city?

I’ve lived here for years and it’s still my home.

It’s easy to get bored, but the condos are not cheap.

They’re very comfortable, they’re not a walk-in, they are very quiet.

They are also not very far from my work, which means I can spend time with my kids.

In the summer, I spend a lot of time out in the lake.

I spend time walking in the park and swimming in the water.

It feels so nice to swim in the pond.

It has that little bit of freedom that I’ve never felt in Edmonton.

If you look at condos in Toronto, the city is full of people.

They have condos in their front yards, in their bedrooms, in every house.

In some neighbourhoods, it’s hard to find a condo because there are so many people living in the same place.

There’s just a lot to do, a lot more to be done.

Why did I buy in Edmonton?

The condo I built in Edmonton was the first condo I’ve owned in 20 years.

It had a swimming pool, a pool house, a gym, a fitness centre, a spa and a tennis court.

But, I didn’t build that house in the first place.

I had an offer from another company in Calgary, but it turned out to be too expensive.

I had to move out of the condo and start over with a new one.

I’m a really big believer in my gut and I just said, I’ll never buy a condo again.

You’ll have to pay for the land, which you’ll own, and you’ll have no idea how much it will cost.

It could be thousands of dollars.

I’ve been lucky.

I have a pretty good mortgage, but there are plenty of people who have mortgages that are lower than mine.

So I don, I guess, have the option of buying a condo.

But if I’m going to live in Edmonton for the next five years, I want to buy a place with a lot fewer people.

The big thing I’d like to do is to see more condo developments in Edmonton as well as condos.

In the next couple of years, there should be more condo projects and more condo buildings.

When you live in Toronto for five years you feel like you’ve lost something.

When you live here for five or six years, you feel as if you’ve won something.

This is the same thing I felt when I moved to Calgary and the city was so big and so vibrant.

I felt I had a lot.

But after a couple of decades, I just didn’t feel that I had it.

There are people living right across the street from me who are working, who are paying taxes and who are raising their children.

I want them to have that same feeling of ownership, that I feel when I live here.

I know that I have something to offer, and I want it to stay here.

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