LONDON, England — British Prime Minister Theresa May said Thursday that the government would offer an additional £500m to help the South Western suburbs of Bristol and Monterey condos as part of its housing plan.

May said she will also increase housing subsidies for people living in the two cities as part, as part and parcel, of her plan to tackle the housing crisis in the country. 

Bristol is expected to receive the maximum £400m over five years from the government to help build new homes and help provide housing support to people living there.

Bristols mayor, Chris Heaton, said the government’s support will help with the city’s need for more housing.

“We’ve got to do something to address the housing shortage in the SouthWest,” Heaton said.

“We’ve seen this in Bristol and we’ve seen it in Monterey.” 

 The Bristol government said the move is expected in 2019.

 It will also provide £2m in support for developers in the city to help them build new housing. 

 May said the British government was committed to helping the SouthWestern suburbs of Bridgwater, Bath, Middlesbrough and Brighton as part its strategy to build 1 million new homes. 

In addition, May said she was also committed to providing support to housing projects in Bolton and Southport, and to support the development of housing estates in the West Midlands and Yorkshire.

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