5 people have been arrested in a series of burglaries and arson cases involving a multi-million dollar property complex in British Columbia, police said.article 7:55 a.m.B.C.’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has arrested five people in connection with the three major burglaries that took place on Thursday, police say.

In addition to two people in custody, the suspects have been charged with five counts of arson and two counts of breach of the peace.

The suspects were arrested in an incident involving the two large multi-family properties located at the intersection of Glen and South Streets in Burdekin, south of the town of Stonebridge.

The first two incidents took place at 6:30 a.s.m., and the third took place just after 7 a.p.M. on Thursday.

A man was found in possession of a large amount of marijuana and a large number of stolen items, including a video camera, a tablet computer and a video game system, according to police.

The video camera had been stolen in May and police have yet to find it.

A witness reported seeing the two suspects fleeing the scene in a white SUV and was able to identify them from photos.

Police say the SUV matched the description of one seen leaving the property.

Police say they are not releasing the identity of the suspects at this time.

They were taken to the Vancouver Police Department and will be charged with attempted arson and breach of a peace, said Sgt. Jennifer Montague.

The other two suspects were taken into custody on Thursday afternoon.

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