Now Playing: Former Michigan football player says he will donate $25 million to charity after NFL suspension Media: Fox5Detroit, Facebook article Now Play: Former NFL quarterback Joe Flacco says he’ll donate $50 million to charities after NFL lockout Media: Associated Press Now Play.

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Now Play.: New evidence: Trump Tower building was built to withstand a nuclear blast Media: ABC News Now Play, CBS Now Play Now Play 2: How Trump’s first 100 days in office may be a blueprint for his presidency Media: USA TODAY Now Play 4: Trump is taking steps to protect his administration’s credibility Media: AP Now Play 3: Former Trump campaign staffers face jail time in Russia probe Media: The Associated PressNow Play 3, 5: What happens when Trump fires FBI director?

Now Play 1: Trump fires special counsel investigating ties to Russia Media: NBC News Now 2: Trump fired FBI director over Russia probe Now Play 5: Former Clinton campaign manager Jim Margolis, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy, could be next to be indicted Media: WochitNow Now Play 6: Former White House aide says he has ‘a hard time believing’ President Trump will be impeached Media: Washington Post Now Play 7: Donald Trump says he ‘would not have’ taken action against the DNC Media: Reuters Now Play 8: White House’s top ethics adviser resigns amid Mueller probe Now Play 9: How President Trump’s team and Russia may have colluded Media: McClatchyDC Now Play 10: Former FBI official says Trump may have illegally surveilled the media Media: CBS News Now 1: Did Trump collude with Russia?

Now Playing 2: Will Trump’s firing of FBI director help his administration?

Now Live: President Trump faces an ‘imminent threat’ to the republic Media: WHYY Now Play 11: ‘I’m very proud of him’: Former White Trump aide Jim Margoli discusses his resignation to the FBI Now Play 12: Trump calls Rosenstein ‘sons of bitches’ for firing Comey Media: Buzz 60 Now Play 13: Trump has offered to meet with Rosenstein if Rosenstein asks him to Now Play 14: President Donald Trump is ‘very proud’ of his ‘sources and methods’ Media: Politico Now Play 15: ‘They’re all lying’: Former FBI agent on Trump’s Russia investigation Now Play 16: Former President Joe Biden says he doesn’t believe in Russian President Vladimir Putin Media: WBTV Now Play 17: Former GOP Sen. Joe Lieberman says he’s ‘sickened’ by the ‘treasonous and disgusting’ revelations of Trump campaign collusion Media: MSNBC Now Play 18: ‘We must find and punish those who seek to undermine the legitimacy of our electoral process’ Now Play 19: Former Republican presidential candidate John McCain on Russian collusion Media (ABC News) Now Play 20: Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on her firing as White House press secretary for her support of Trump Media: CNN Now Play 21: Trump ‘could be impeachable’: Former GOP senator Lindsey Graham Media: Time Now Now Play 22: FBI probe into former Trump campaign aide Joe Flynn’s contacts with Russia media (ABC) Now Live 23: ‘It’s time to put this out of the way’: Former Trump administration official on firing of Comey media (CNN) Now Watch: Former president Donald Trump defends his firing of James Comey as FBI director: ‘Nobody’s been treated worse’ Now Playing 24: Trump’s former FBI director fired by President Donald Trumps White House in a tweet: ‘He has the utmost respect for the office of the presidency’ Now Watch 25: Former CIA chief John Brennan says he thinks Russia was behind the DNC cyberattacks, but it wasn’t ‘hysterical’: ‘If it was hysteria, we’d have seen it years ago’ Now Live 26: Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders calls for a special prosecutor in Trump’s probe: ‘There’s no place in our politics for obstruction of justice’ Now Work: Trump says firing Mueller will help probe Russia’s election meddling Media: WPIX Now Play 27: Former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes calls Mueller ‘a fine person’: ‘He is doing a good job’ Now Now Live 28: Former State Department official Robert Kelner says he believes the investigation into the 2016 presidential election is ‘not a witch hunt’: ‘This is a real investigation’ Now Played: Former senior adviser to the president on Russia, Ben Rhodes, resigns from government media Now Play 29: Former ambassador to Russia, Robert Keler, resigning from government Now Play 30: Former US ambassador to China, Mark Greenberger, says Mueller’s investigation into Russia is ‘a big, big story’ Now Up Next: President’s budget and spending plans for 2018 Now Play 31: Former National Security Agency chief John Combs on his resignation, his resignation letter to the Senate, and his resignation from the National

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