The Harbour House condontary in Perth, Australia, was given the go-ahead to sell up to 300 units at a cost of $1.1 million.

The property has been sitting empty since it closed in March, and the property was expected to sell for a lot more than $1 million when the property closes.

The new condominium will be located in the newly renovated former Bentleigh building, which was designed by Melbourne-based architect Arup.

The condominium includes a rooftop garden, terrace, a spa and a fitness centre.

It is also equipped with an underground gym, swimming pool, sauna and gym.

“The Harbour House will be one of the best examples of condominium living you can find in Perth,” said David Poulton, president of Bentleihouses, the real estate firm that owns the property.

“Its not a big-ticket property, but it is a fantastic example of what is possible when a building like this is redeveloped.”

Poulton said he was impressed with the work the developers have done to modernise the building.

“We’re delighted that the Harbour House is now ready to be redeveloped as part of the BentleIGH project,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to seeing this historic building become a home to hundreds of residents.”

The building was designed in 1920 by renowned architect and architect Charles Richey, who was the architect of the Melbourne Pavilion, and it was completed in 1924.

The building was the home of the Sydney Opera House from 1932 to 1936, and a number of other iconic landmarks in Sydney.

The condominium, which is situated on the site of the former B.A.G. Hall, has been a long-standing property in Perth.

It was once the home to the West Perth Hotel, which closed in 2008.

It has since become an attractive location for people to live, and is located at the northern end of Perth’s CBD, across the road from the former Westpac Building.

The Harbour house condontery is located on the former site of B.B. Graham’s Hall in PerthSource: ABC News | Duration: 1min 40secTopics:condominiums-and-towns,building-and_construction,perth-6000,wa,australia

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