The blind pass apartment building market is booming with a number of listings and properties being listed on the stock exchange.

There are currently over 10,000 listings on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The market has seen a lot of growth in recent months as investors look to get their hands on properties that are affordable and easy to navigate.

However, the value of these properties is also a major factor in the market.

Many of these units are located in neighbourhoods that are often not well served by public transport, meaning that many of these buildings are more suited to the luxury market.

Here are 10 of the most affordable blind pass condos in Toronto.


The Waverley House at Waverly Street, Toronto 2.

The Shallow Cove House at Eglinton Avenue and Lawrence Avenue, Toronto 3.

The The St. Joseph Place at West Harbour Road and Dufferin Street, Scarborough 4.

The St George Place at Bay Street and Bayview Avenue, Mississauga 5.

The Vibe at Eagan Street and Eglantine Avenue, London 6.

The Queen Anne Suite at King Street and Sheppard Avenue, Scarborough 7.

The Fatson House at Victoria Avenue and Richmond Street, London 8.

The Piedmont Apartments at the Piedsma River at the end of the Peebles River, Scarborough 9.

The G.W. Rennie at the corner of Bayview and Shepparton Streets, Toronto 10.

The West Lake View Apartments near the CN Tower, Toronto

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