Now Playing: Are you more likely to get a bad deal in a condominium?

Now Playing “The beauty of the property is its location.

If you live in a building that is more centrally located in Melbourne, then the best option is the condo you will be living in.”

– Mark CondoOwner of an ‘extraordinary’ property, Mark Condos property is located in the CBD of Melbourne Now Playing What is a “good” price for a home?

Now The biggest problem with getting a good deal in an affordable home is the fact that you can only pay so much.

The best thing to do when you are looking to buy a home in Melbourne is to make sure you are able to afford it.

The property is a condo that is located on the top floor of a multi-storey building, with a view of the CBD.

You will find it on the ground floor, with its own balcony overlooking the city.

To make sure that your home is affordable, Mark says that you should be able to find somewhere that is affordable for your budget.

“You can’t really compare prices across the board,” Mark says.

“It depends on the property and what type of home you are going to be living.”

He recommends finding somewhere that you are comfortable living in.

“If you live with your family, a place with a good mix of activities is a good choice,” Mark explains.

“I would say, for me, if you have a family, I would be looking for a place that is relatively close to where I live.”

“I’m not averse to having a walk-in closet if you are just going to spend a few minutes and a couple of dollars to find something that suits you.”

Mark also advises looking at what types of amenities your home will include.

“A good condo will include a kitchen, bath and bedroom,” he says.

Mark says you can find a variety of things for your home in the city, and also “have a good look at where the amenities are”.

“There are a lot of great places to live in the area.

I would definitely recommend you look at what your options are.”

Mark Condonor of Mark Condominiums in Melbourne says he is “excited” about his future home “It will be a good opportunity to get away and live a bit more comfortably.”

Mark says he plans to move into the property in February.

“Once we get a few years in the back of our minds, we’ll look at that option and then maybe we’ll have a look at the next step,” Mark said.

“But right now, it’s a really exciting time for me.”

Mark said the location of the building made it “easy to get out and about”.

“It’s located just over the footbridge so you can easily get to the CBD from your home,” he said.

Mark is one of a number of Melbourne property owners who have decided to put their home up for sale, with Mark’s being one of the best-selling properties in Melbourne.

Mark said that he hopes to find a home for himself in Melbourne when he gets his first job.

“The property will be fantastic,” he tells ABC Melbourne.

“We are going into a great time for Melbourne.”

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