The condos for sale at a condominium in Bristol are on the market for $3.4 million.

Bristol Condominiums has been leasing and managing condominiums in Bristol for decades.

It was the original developer of the Bristol-Cambridge area and is now one of the most popular property managers in the area.

Casa Condominium is listed for sale in Bristol, Mass.

(Photo: David Goldman, Getty Images)The condos were designed by local architect Michael F. Johnson and the listing is from Condos in Bristol.

Johnson is an American architect and designer.

He’s been in Bristol since 1989, when he opened the first of many condominium projects.

Johnson has designed residential and commercial structures and is the architect of Bristol Condominium Apartments and the Bristol Bay Condominium.

The listing on states the units are on sale for $5,900 a month, which is a “typical rent” for the area, according to the listing.

The condominium is also listed as “bristols most desirable location for a single-family home,” according to listing agent David Goldman.

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