Beach condo developer Steve Davenport, who is the chairman of the Riverside County Council, has announced that the council will be taking on another job this fall.

The city of Riverside is looking for a consultant to develop an outdoor pool, which will open to the public starting in January.

The pool will be the second outdoor pool for the Riverside city-owned condominium complex, which has had an outdoor swimming pool for more than a decade.

Steve Davenfield, the Riverside’s chief executive officer, said in a news release on Wednesday that the city has been in contact with developers, pools operators, and other community leaders to determine the best location for the pool.

“This is a great opportunity for the community to engage with the Riverside community and to provide input on a pool that would be an ideal location for a community pool,” Davenworth said.

“As the developer of Riverside’s new city-sponsored condominium development, I am committed to bringing a vibrant and diverse community pool to Riverside.

The pool will benefit the area as it creates an outdoor entertainment and social destination.”

The pool was previously located at a nearby tennis court.

Riverside, which was formerly called The Hills, was founded in 1900.

The City of Riverside had been looking for an outdoor facility to fill a void created when Riverside closed its swimming pool to the general public in 2019, and to keep the pool’s reputation alive.

The city’s new pool is expected to open in January 2019.RIVERSIDE CITY COUNSELORS ANNOUNCE A NEW JOINT COUCHING BOARD, AND A BRIDGE BETWEEN RIVERSISLAND AND HILLS article Riverside City Council members have announced that they are holding a joint committee meeting to explore the possibility of building a bridge connecting Riverside and Hillsborough counties.

The Riverside City Commission has long been searching for a new bridge to connect the two cities.

It was last created in 2019.

In the meantime, Riverside County has been building an artificial waterway, the Laveen Bridge, from Hillsborough County to Hillsborough.

Riverside City Commissioner Tom Rizzo said the committee meeting will discuss the bridge, which is being built under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles.

“There are a lot of projects that have been proposed that would connect Riverside and the surrounding areas, but not one that has been developed,” Rizzos said.

“That bridge will allow us to connect Riverside to Hillsboro County, and we have a lot to prove.”

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