Toronto – Queen Elizabeth II, the current ruler of the British monarchy, has purchased a condominium on Queen’s Island.

The Queen’s condominium is located on the northwest corner of the island, which has an average annual rainfall of 1,800 millimetres.

The island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and is known for its tropical climate.

The Queen’s residence has an outdoor garden and swimming pool.

The Queen purchased the condominium with proceeds from a book sale, which was held in 2017, to benefit children with learning disabilities.

According to the Queen’s office, the Queen has spent the majority of her time at the island since she was Queen of England, and has spent a significant amount of time there during the royal family’s reign.

The island has also hosted many royal ceremonies and gatherings since the end of the monarchy.

Queen Victoria, who ruled from 1878 to 1901, lived on the island for a total of five years.

The monarch is expected to stay at the home for a number of years.

The condo building, which is part of the Queen Elizabeth I Foundation’s project to preserve the island’s biodiversity, is located at the intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 401, in Toronto’s North York area.

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