Posted October 06, 2019 05:21:56Las Vegas condopower developer Joe Dixons has sold his Las Vegas condo listing for about $1 million to a woman with an interest in the property.

The sale, which was made on Monday, comes less than two months after Dixmans first revealed the details of the condo, a two-story home on Lake Tahoes, which he plans to develop with his business partner and a partner from China.

Dixons’ company, Dixtons Cos., was established in 2015 and is listed on the Las Vegas real estate market under the name J. Dixson.

Dixie was last seen at the end of March, when Dixones Cos.

announced the sale of a property it was planning in Lake Erie.

Ditons’ disclosure about the condo included an email from the woman he listed it for, who said she had an interest “in the condominium” and that she would be the one to call.

The email said the condo would be sold in a couple of weeks and that a broker would be in touch.

Ditzons’ co-founder, Michael Ditons, said he was contacted by a woman who wanted to buy the condopowered home.

Diazons’ email included photos and a list of people he said would be interested in purchasing the condoppowered home in the next few weeks.

The listing said the buyer would be able to contact the person who had offered to buy it and that the buyer should “send an email” to that address.

Dickson said the woman had no connection to his company, but said the information was correct.

“She has no involvement in my company, or with the business that I’m involved in,” Dickson said.

“She’s not involved in anything that I do, she’s a non-partner in my business, so I’ve never had any involvement in the process of selling the condottored home.”

The buyer’s email was not returned.

Ditzons declined to say how much the home was worth, and the woman did not return a call seeking comment.

A person who answered the phone at the property listed for sale in Lake Eola declined to comment.

The condo was listed for $850,000, which includes the base price of $1,475,000 for two bedrooms and three baths, Ditzones Cos.’ website said.

The listing on Tuesday, which included the $1-million price tag, said the house was on the market for $875,000.

The Lake Eolah condo is on Lake Eols beach and sits on Lake Neva in Las Vegas, about 30 minutes south of Las Vegas International Airport.

The home is currently for sale on a seller’s market for the same price, the listing said.

Ditchons Cos.

said on its website that the home will be used as an office space and is “a great place to work or play.”

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