Atlanta is on the verge of a condo boom that’s unlike anything the city has seen in decades.

Developer Bella Vista Condominiums has put its plans for the new condominium project on hold while the city looks at ways to help the area stay in the game.

Bella Vista is hoping the new development, called The Emerald, will make the city a haven for young families, as well as help revitalize the Emerald district, which stretches from Georgia Avenue through a neighborhood known as The Emerald Park.

BeLLa Vista’s new development is part of the larger Emerald neighborhood revitalization effort, which includes the expansion of the Emerald Park area and the expansion into the city of Atlanta.

BeLLaVista’s Emerald Park project will include 2,200 new units, according to developer Bob Ruppert, and will include a $100 million retail, office, residential and entertainment center, as part of a $500 million redevelopment.

BellaVista, based in Phoenix, is one of two developers who have entered the Emerald neighborhood redevelopment project.

The Emerald has seen some of the highest-profile redevelopment efforts in recent years.

Last year, BeLLA Vista purchased the property formerly occupied by The Pearl Hotel and Casino, and plans to redevelop the area into an entertainment district, retail center and residential area.

It also plans to create an underground parking garage.

The Pearl is a popular entertainment venue with many of its buildings renovated and open for business.

Bella Vista has also been involved in the Emerald redevelopment project, which is set to begin this year.

The Emerald is scheduled to be completed by 2019.

BellaVistas goal is to help revitalization and revitalize an area that has seen a steady decline in population.

“The Emerald project is part and parcel of BeLLAs vision for a revitalized Emerald district,” Ruppett said.

“This is a project that will revitalize this area and bring people together in an open and transparent way, not just in a public way.

The development will provide an important element to this community, which we hope will help revitalise the Emerald and bring new businesses and jobs to the area.”

In an email, Bella Vistas chief marketing officer Chris Cope said that the Emerald project would help the Emerald District “stay relevant, and attract new residents to the Emerald area and to our surrounding neighborhoods.

We believe this project will create a vibrant, new, vibrant community.”

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