Why the courtney palm condominium is going bankrupt

The $600,000 condominium at the end of the sea snake is about to become a shambles, thanks to its landlord.Courtney Palm is an eight-bedroom, $2.5 million condominium that sits on the southern tip of the Chesapeake Bay.It is a luxury project, but one that has been plagued by financial woes and is currently struggling to make ends meet.The property has […]

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How to buy a new home in Southern California’s Willowbrook area

By Tom Veklerovs, CNNMoney writerA home buyer is looking to buy an apartment in a Southern California neighborhood that is already hot on the trail of developers looking to build condominium towers and condominium condominium buildings in a region that has been one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.The Willowbrook neighborhood is a magnet for developers seeking […]

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Former Sugar Beach Condominiums owner ‘dismissed’ for refusing to pay condo taxes

A former owner of Sugar Beach condominium buildings in the city of Port Saint John has been dismissed from the condo board after she refused to pay the city’s condo tax, according to a report. Carol Lillis, owner of the Sugar Beach Inn condominium, said she had been given a letter from the city saying her condominium was a non-compliant owner […]

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