It was the season of the bachelorette.

The season of dating.

The best episode ever of the Bachelor franchise.

And yet, we have come to expect the same predictable tropes, even in the most promising seasons of reality television.

Here are seven that have stuck out:The Bachelor’s Bacheloretate: The Story of the PartyThe Bachelor is back!

This time around, the Bachelor is the center of a love triangle that sees Kate (Barry Bostwick) turn to a former classmate, Nicki (Gloria Lourd), in an attempt to win the heart of her future bachelor (Nicki’s fiancé, Chase Masterson).

It’s a plot that was almost immediately disproved, however, when Nicki, who had just made it clear that she’d only marry Chase if she got a third chance to be the host of Bachelor in Paradise, finally left him and returned to her friend, Rachel (Alexis Bledel).

In the final episode, which aired on April 1, Nickis relationship with her friend is further revealed and the show begins to unravel as Kate’s plans unravel.

The Bachelor: The Ballad of the Lost BachelorsThe Bachelor returns with a vengeance, as Kate has already been crowned queen of the world and is ready to take on the world at large, taking the name “The Ballad” as her moniker.

The ballad, a love letter to her late husband, Mark (David Boreanaz), is filled with heartache and heartbreak.

And it’s not long before the cast is faced with the decision to let Mark go, to move on, or to keep him on the show.

(The writers also cast their minds back to the finale of the season, when Mark decided to take his own life.)

In this season, the writers had a chance to explore Kate’s personal history, including her past relationship with a man who, while very much alive, is still alive today.

Kate is determined to prove herself, and her former boyfriend, to be one of the best Bachelorettes ever.

The Bachelor: the Ballad is an emotional roller coaster that ends in a tragic cliffhanger.

But even though it’s a cliffhanging episode, it does reveal the story of the Ballads heartbreak, as Rachel, Kate’s new boyfriend, reveals the extent of the relationship that had been between the two.

The Ballads love story is the most moving and heartbreaking in the entire series.

And then there’s Bachelor in the Redwoods: the Bachelor’s Bizarre AdventureThe Bachelor in Redwoods takes a break from the heartbreak and tragedy of the first two seasons to give us a look at how the Bachelor has evolved since the show’s inception.

There are a few twists and turns throughout, but the series does not stray far from the show it began.

In fact, the season starts off with a look back at the series’ inception in 2011.

The producers had an idea for a Bachelor spinoff, and when the show was canceled, they found themselves in a position where they could turn the series into a reality show.

It was a bold move, and one that paid off in spades.

The Ballads arc takes place on the Redwood Resorts in Los Angeles, and the premise of the show is that, since Kate is dating Chase Mastersons, it makes sense that she would be traveling with him, since they are both very close friends.

The show is also about Kate’s romantic life, so she is constantly on the hunt for the perfect guy, which is exactly what she does when she finds Chase.

But the story also serves as an exploration of Kate’s personality, her flaws, and how she’s dealing with the challenges that come with being a new host of a Bachelor.

The Bachelos Bizarre Adventures: The Bachelotas Bizarre JourneyThe B-Show, or Bizarre Travel, is a spinoff of The Bachelor that takes place in Los Santos, where Kate’s character is traveling with Chase, as he moves on from his previous Bachelor mentor, Jack.

Kate, however has never been to a B-show before.

Instead, she’s a Bachelottee who, as a young B-list model, is dating the star of The B-List.

She’s also very much a product of her environment, having moved to Los Santos in order to make a name for herself.

But she also struggles with some of her past issues, which will be addressed in the series finale.

The show, which premiered in February, was a huge success, winning three Emmys and being nominated for six awards.

But it wasn’t until this season that the show really started to take off.

The first episode of the series was released on February 24, and it was a smash hit.

The premiere was a big

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