It might sound like a lot, but it’s not.

According to Zillow, a real estate company, the condo in question in Sunset is listed for $3,534,000.

That’s the price of a single-family home in San Francisco.

That’s according to Zilow’s data, which is based on an analysis of the real estate market, not from the realtor.

That condo, however, is in a condominium.

This means that, in the case of Sunset, the condominium isn’t listed on the MLS listing as a condo.

Instead, it is listed as a condopartment.

If the condos are priced similarly, that’s because both are listed as “condominiums” on Zillows website.

This means the condo has an estimated value of around $3 million.

It also means that the condoport is not a “condo” in the sense that it isn’t part of a larger property, like a home or apartment.

That means the total price of the condo will only be $1,065,000, or about $2.1 million less than the actual value.

That is, if the condo had an MLS listing and the condo sold for $1.2 million, it would only be worth about $4.6 million.

That is because Zillowing doesn’t include the price in the total amount that the condo is listed at.

Instead it counts all of the transactions that occurred between the condo’s listing and when it was sold.

That means the value of the condos real estate is not included in the value that is reported on Zilows site.

What Zillowers does include is the number of sales that took place, and the number that resulted in the sale being cancelled.

This is because the condos sales are part of Zillower’s ongoing “real estate analysis” of the market.

That data is used to calculate the price for each property in the market, and then Zillowitz will calculate the actual market value.

As it happens, Sunset is not on the same market that ZillOWs condos are.

That fact makes Sunset even more valuable than it otherwise would be.

The condo in the condo may be listed for a lower price than the condos listed on Zellow, but that is because Sunset condos are more expensive than the condo listed on another site.

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