Next Big Futures examines some of the most exciting, innovative and disruptive condominium projects currently underway in Canada.

This week, we look at the stunning new Stonebridge Condominiums in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Stonebridge’s latest condominium towers have been awarded a major award from the Canada Council of the Arts, which recognizes the city’s commitment to innovative architecture and sustainable development.

Stone Bridge Condominium ProjectStonebridge Cond.

Architects: Eric Bourgeois, Brian Mardis, Scott Schoening, Robert Wollnermann, Brian StansfieldSource Next Big Generation article The most innovative condo building in Canada: Stonebridge, Thunder Bay Thunder Bay has the most new residential projects under construction each year, according to a new report from Next Big Generations, a project from the Canadian Real Estate Association.

A total of 7,037 units have been approved for construction in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), compared to 7,527 approvals in 2017.

Stone bridge has the fifth-highest approval rate among GTA condo projects, according the report.

The company is also the only developer in the GTA with a total of more than 100 units under construction, which includes 1,826 residential units.

The latest approvals also show the company is making progress in the area of the project.

The developer is still working on the final approval of the towers, but the project is expected to begin construction in late 2018.

StoneBridge Cond.

Design by Eric B. Condon Architects: Brian M. Stansford, Peter Kosten, Eric Brench, Andrew SmithSource NextBig Generation article Stonebridge has a unique architectural vision, as it was designed by Eric Condon.

Stone Bridges first condominium tower, built in 2007, was designed to bring together traditional elements of the community into one structure.

The tower has been expanded and redesigned in recent years to bring more contemporary elements of Stonebridge and surrounding communities together with its historic elements.

The building features a glass-fronted, two-story podium with an arched, glass-enclosed frontage that is open for the public, and a wide open courtyard.

The plaza and public spaces are also integrated with a central courtyard.

A rooftop terrace with a deck overlooking the courtyard is the main feature.

The stone bridge connects the two elements, creating a unique, interlocking structure that is the most important feature of Stone Bridge.

The architecture is inspired by the history of Stone bridge itself, and the building is a unique addition to the neighbourhood.

Stone Bridge Cond.

Architect: Eric C. CournoyerSource Next big Generations article Stone bridge’s second tower, completed in 2016, was a collaboration between architect Eric Cournoyre and developer Peter Kusten.

The new project features a new design for the ground floor that includes new landscaping and public areas.

The second tower also includes an innovative glass facade, a new glass-fenced patio, a large open terrace and a new walkway.

The project also includes a new underground parking garage.

Stone bridges tower is located just off the highway that connects the city to the west side of Thunder Bay.

The two-storey tower has an open courtyard and public parking on the ground level.

The lobby and the courtyard are open to the public.

The main structure is designed to accommodate a range of residential uses including single-family homes, townhouses and duplexes.

The ground floor features a terrace that is separated by glass from the rest of the building.

The glass is then covered with an open glass enclosure.

A large open courtyard is accessed from the building by a glass roofed façade that provides views over the street and the city.

Stonebridge cond.

Building materials by Mardins Source Next Big Generator article Stone Bridge has a strong history in the downtown Thunder Bay community, with its earliest known construction dates dating back to 1869.

The original building on West 13th Street in the early 1960s was built by the firm of John Mardin and Associates.

The development, which was eventually sold to John C. Henningsen, would become a major anchor for the downtown business district in the 1980s.

Mardina, who later served as chair of the City of Thunder for more than two decades, designed the building for the first time in 1987, when the property was re-christened Stonebridge.

In the 1990s, Mardinas sister, John Cordon, began to design condominium and office buildings for the city, and in 2001, she opened the company’s first office tower at 1715 West 14th Street.

The Mardinos also designed the new Skytrain Station in downtown Thunder, which opened in 2010.

The first office building at Stonebridge was completed in 2015, and since then the company has completed four more condominium developments and expanded into more office and commercial space in the community.

Stonebridges development of the Skytrain is set

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