India is known for its high prices, but many Indian companies are now doing something different: selling apartments.

Dubai, the world’s largest property market, has become a popular place for international companies to set up offices and buy their own property.

The market is particularly active for tech companies.

Dubay has also been the site of a series of high-profile high-tech deals.

The country’s tech industry has been booming since the mid-2000s, and the city has seen a surge in tech startups and venture capital funds.

But the city is also a hotbed for the illegal sale of real estate, with thousands of apartments for sale every year, according to data from the real estate portal

These sales come at a time when the city’s property prices are increasing by more than 30% a year.

Dubais real estate is also growing rapidly.

According to the country’s central bank, in 2017, the city added 7,567 new residential units, an increase of 1,632 units over the previous year. also has a handy map showing where real estate transactions take place.

A listing for a home on the website would be marked with the date and time it was bought, which could help the buyer identify the house.

The data also reveals how many people live in the properties and where they live.

The site also shows the median price of a home, which is the price of the house minus the purchase price.

As the number of listings for homes increase, the median prices drop, suggesting that the market is expanding faster than housing supply.

“The real estate market is becoming a very crowded market and there are so many houses for sale,” said Jashwant Singh, a real estate broker at Real who has worked in Dubai for more than five years.

“There are so few affordable properties, so people are looking for properties that are affordable to buy, and that’s what you are seeing with the number and the quality of homes that are being sold.”

Singh said he is seeing more people buying properties at market prices, rather than the high prices being paid by some buyers.

Singh says the number one factor for buyers to choose a property is affordability.

“The real issue is if the buyer is willing to spend more money to purchase a property that will be less than it’s fair to them,” he said.

The high prices have led some real estate experts to suggest that some properties sold at market price are actually overvalued.

“If you see a property, or a property with a certain price tag, that is actually worth less than the real price tag,” said Kalyan Kumar, a principal at the Centre for Policy Research.

“In some cases, it’s a little bit of both.

And if it’s overvalued, that’s also a problem.

The biggest issue with the real property market is not that prices are rising, but that there are too many properties for sale, which means there are not enough affordable units,” Kumar said.

“And if you are a buyer who wants to buy a property and you are willing to pay a higher price, that could be a good thing, but the real problem is that the real value is not there, and it’s not going up as fast as the demand is.”

Realestate companies in Dubai are not the only ones looking to diversify the market.

Indian companies have also started to look at other options in the UAE, including buying up properties in Dubai.

The real estate sector in Dubai is already booming, with a recent surge in the number in the country of over 1 million apartments.

But a few Indian real estate companies are not interested in selling.

Instead, they are trying to sell their properties on a smaller scale and for a lower price.

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