The home is one of several condominium complexes in the United States with a pool and spa complex.

One of the properties, the South African Cross Creek Condominiums condominium at the corner of Avenida Victoria and South Boulevard, opened in May 2018 for $2.5 million.

The $10 million-a of the $10-million pool includes a spa and spa services, including the $20,000 spa package.

The spa package includes $1,400-a night stay and $5,000 a month for two spa days, with access to a private pool with two separate pools.

The other unit is a $1.5-million, one-bedroom condo with two spa and a private swimming pool.

The pool is a 30-foot pool, with a 1,500-foot swimming pool and a 50-foot outdoor pool.

In addition, the condo also includes a gym and yoga studio.

The condo’s $5.5 billion value is not disclosed.

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