FLORIDA (AP) The first Florida condominium with a cross creek pool in a condominium complex has gone into the market.

It’s Aquarius Condominiums LLC in Gainesville.

It has a pool and spa with a pool house.

The project’s designer, Joe DiMaggio, said the project has a vision to be a high quality condominium.

“You get the water flowing into the pool, you get the spa, you have the living area, and you have a lot of outdoor amenities,” DiMagio said.

“We really want to bring the community together.”

The project is in the midst of the city of Gainesville zoning changes that require condominium projects to include a pool, spa and pool house on each unit.

That change was made after the city found the pool and swimming pool on one unit was not properly integrated into the condominium.

DiMagnio said that pool and poolhouse were not part of the design.

The pool house was a feature of the project’s first units, but the pool house will be moved to a second unit.

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