Two new condominium towers at Riverview Condominiums will include solar-powered water features, a rooftop pool and a pool room. 

In February, the developer of the Riverview condontact projects, Riverview Holdings Inc., unveiled plans to build two towers on the 5,000-square-foot lot next to the River View Hotel and Spa. 

The plans call for the two towers to include solar and energy-saving features, and a rooftop water feature that can be used to cool the building. 

As part of the plans, the developers also say they are working on the design and construction of a rooftop garden for the residential area of the property. 

“This is a project that we’re looking to build at Riverwalk,” said John Wysocki, Riverwalk’s chief marketing officer. 

Wysockis said Riverview is currently the only developer to offer solar-friendly residential units on its property.

The new condontacts at RiverView are also in the process of being developed. 

According to a press release from Riverview, the units will feature solar panels and solar-charged heat pumps to heat the units. 

A rooftop pool will also be included. 

 “The Riverwalk condominium project has been a priority for us,” said Wysocksi.

“Our project team has been working closely with Riverview to ensure that we can meet the stringent standards for solar energy and energy efficiency. 

It’s a unique opportunity for Riverwalk to create a unique, sustainable condominium community that provides a safe and warm environment for our residents.” 

The developer of both Riverview projects, Wysicki, said the project is a result of the collaboration between the Riverwalk Hotel and the Riverfront Condominium Association, which represents the owners of the two properties. 

While the River Walk property has solar panels, the Riverside project will be built on an area that is less densely populated, and the two condominium units will be located on different parcels of land. 

Riverview is the only condominium company in the Southwestern Ontario area to offer residential solar-based units.

According to Wysicksi, the company plans to offer two solar-equipped condominium suites on the property next to Riverview Hotel and spa, which is located about 1.5 miles from the current condominium complex at Riverfront Resort and Casino. 

Last month, RiverView filed a lawsuit in Ontario Superior Court in Mississauga, Ont., claiming the Rivertowns and Riverview Properties were illegally evictions, and seeking compensation for lost income, lost income tax revenue and other damages. 

Two new condottas at Riverhead are expected to be completed in the coming months. 

On Monday, the first condominium tower in Riverhead will open. 

Image via Riverview. 

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