Concord condensers and the owners of the three luxury condos they are planning to convert into condominium apartments have announced a deal that will transform their plans into a game changer in the area. 

The Concord condors have received approval from the council of the City of Concord to convert their three luxury condo units into apartment units in the form of two floors of one-bedroom flats, which they are calling the Condominiums on the Bay. 

Citizens for Condominium Development said the proposal was a major step forward for the area, and they are hoping the project will be approved by the city council for the condo tower project. 

“The Condominium on the bay is a landmark of the downtown area, bringing new life and new life to a neighborhood already struggling with the challenges of aging and gentrification,” said David Zimbalist, co-founder of Citizens for Condor Development. 

“[The project] is a game-changer in the neighborhood, it’s a great example of what a sustainable development can look like, Zimbalisaid. 

It’s a unique and important opportunity to create a new development in a historic area, which will provide a new and unique affordable housing opportunity for the community.”

The proposed project has been approved by a council meeting, and will be open for public comment until June 29, according to a news release from the city.

The condominium project will consist of two separate units, each with two bedrooms and one bath, and each will be at least 15 feet high. 

Each unit will be about 20 feet by 20 feet, and each unit will feature a private pool, Jacuzzi and tennis courts.

The condominium tower will be designed to feature a double-height roof that will extend all the way to the parking deck. 

Concord residents, however, have voiced their support for the development, saying that they are hopeful that the development will become a positive addition to the area and not just a blight.

“It’s been a long time coming, but we’re getting closer,” David Zimbas said.

“We’re getting close to getting this project approved.”

The developer said the development could become an affordable housing option for the city and the community, and it will help alleviate the challenges facing residents of the area at the moment. 

A press release by Citizens for Concominium Development noted that the project has also been approved for a $10 million fund for affordable housing.

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