SAN ANTONIO — Park Central condominium in South Austin has been bought out by a company led by the family of a former congressman, the Austin American-Statesman reports. 

The company, Sand Dollar, is a development partner of the Austin City Council, and was founded by two of the current city council members: City Council Member Mike Gallagher and City Councilor Carlos Guillen.

The company’s managing partner, Greg Clark, is the son of former Rep. Ron Clark, who is the first-ever elected official to serve as president of the Texas Republican Party.

He served as the state’s chief economic development officer and a member of the state delegation from 2006 to 2010.

 Sand Dollar’s parent company, American National Group, is one of the world’s largest real estate developers.

American National Group is a major property developer in the Dallas and Houston metro areas, as well as in cities and towns in Georgia, New York, and Pennsylvania.

It has been the subject of criticism from the U.S. government for building and managing land in the U, and has been accused of violating environmental and human rights regulations.

Sand Dollar has not commented publicly on the sale.

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