The condos that were built for the condominium market, including one for $500 million in Woodbridge, are the biggest ones, and they’re not all worth $500million.

Some are worth more.

One was worth $1.1 billion when it was built in 2016.

The other is a $250 million condo at the south end of Riverside Drive, one of the two tallest in the city.

And the former Riverside Place condo is now worth $200 million, up from $80 million.

That was worth more when it opened in 2003.

It has seen a lot of growth since then.

But the most recent listing was for a $400 million condo in the heart of downtown that sold in October.

That condo is worth $220 million, down from $275 million.

And a $275-million condo in Woodbridges Lakes West condominium complex is now at $200-million.

The condo market in Vancouver is now in a bubble, with some properties being worth more than $1 billion.

Here are the most valuable condos in Vancouver.


Woodbridge condontominiums $1,050 million The condominium tower in Woodbrighs Lakes West, which opened in 2017, is one of Vancouver’s most expensive, and is one the most popular with new condo buyers.

The tower, at the corner of Riverside and Woodbriggs streets, has a five-storey podium on the north side of the building, where it meets the water, and has been the subject of speculation about a possible $1-billion price tag.

The building’s first floor has a reception room, restaurant, bar and a pool, along with a fitness centre.

Its second floor has two bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The condos have been sold at an average price of $1 million a piece since the condo project opened, said Dan Kelly, who manages the condo unit.

But it is now up to the developer to decide if it can keep the unit up to $500,000 a month, he said.

“It’s been sold for a very high price,” Kelly said.

The current listing for the unit in Woodbrook is $1 and a half million, a $600,000 price increase.

The next-highest price at the time of the listing was $1 a thousand.

But Kelly said the condo is likely to be sold soon for $600 million, or $1 per thousand.


Riverside condontos $1bn The condo tower in Riverside is one among the most expensive in the region, and was one of its first major additions.

Riverside Place condos, which were built in 2001, were one of two buildings built by developer Dan Kelly for $1billion.

The others were the $2.5-billion Riverside Plaza condominium project and the $3.4-billion Crescent Park condominium.

The condos include an underground swimming pool, a rooftop deck, spa and fitness centre with a pool and bar.

The new Riverside Place was completed in 2018.

The unit was listed for $2 billion in January 2018.

It sold in January 2019 for $4.7 billion.

The most recent unit at the tower, which is in the middle of a massive renovation, was priced at $1 with an asking price of nearly $1m a piece.

The units are worth $2 million to $3 million a month now.


Riverside Crescent condominium $1b Billion Riverside Crescent condos, a new condo tower for $400million in Woodridge and a condominium building in the centre of the area, opened in 2019.

They include a $3-million rooftop pool, fitness centre and an underground pool.

The complex also includes a $5.6-million fitness centre, which also includes an indoor swimming pool.

In the centre, a five story glass-walled rooftop park is surrounded by a four-storeys building that contains a fitness hall and a kitchen.

The two-storeier building has three bedrooms and a master suite.

The market is very active at Riverside Crescent, Kelly said, with about 20 to 30 condo sales a month and up to 100 listings a week.

Kelly said he doesn’t think the current condo market is sustainable.

“The market is still very strong and the units are getting higher and higher,” he said, adding that developers are “getting more and more interested” in the market.


Woodridge condominium unit $750m The condo at Woodbridge Place, which was the citys first condominium in the mid-1990s, was designed by architect John J. Schubert, whose firm also designed the $1BN Plaza condos in Vancouver’s east end.

It is a four storey tower with a swimming pool and two outdoor pools.

It was built by the City of Vancouver and is in its 10th year of construction.

The second-highest condominium price at Wood

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