How to get into your favorite local condominium in the next few years

As demand for condos in California and New York continues to skyrocket, developers are finding it more profitable to expand into luxury properties.While it’s still relatively new, the luxury condo market is expanding rapidly.And many are making the jump from a single-family home to a luxury condo in the near future.The new development boom in the California-Nevada corridor is driving […]

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How to get your home assessed in Woodbridge

Residents in Woodbridges condominium in South Kensington and Chelsea have been left to wonder if their property could be sold off to raise money for the council.The Condominium Association of Woodbridge has lodged a proposal to sell all of its 10,000-plus condominium units for an estimated $1.2 million.But the council says the property could not be sold because it has […]

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