The new condominium is ready for prime time!

MOUNT PLEASANT, Fla.— A new condor condo is ready to roll out for the next generation.A pair of condo units on the grounds of the newly remodeled Mosaic condominium complex have been approved for prime prime time.The new condo at 3221 MOUNT PAUL ROAD in Mount Pleasant, Florida is a 36-story, 2,500-square-foot condominium with six stories and five bedrooms, which […]

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How much would the new $400 million Brook House condominium in Coventry, England, cost?

Waterford, England is a place of relative isolation.It has only a population of just over 1.2 million and a population density of just 1.25 people per square kilometre.But the city is home to the world’s largest condominium tower, with Brook House at its heart.It sits on a site that is only five kilometres from the centre of the city and […]

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