What if you could take your condo to Hawaii for $50,000?

The Pointe Condominiums condominium is one of the most luxurious condominium projects in Hawaii, and it has a lot of perks that include free wifi and private dining rooms.The condos are located in the Pointe Village condominium complex in Hawaii’s Waikiki neighborhood.However, the Pointes aren’t just a luxury condominium; they’re also a source of income for many people living in […]

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Why Are These Condos Near Hawaii?

By now, you’ve probably heard about a condo near Hawaii that is listed on Zillow as having a penthouse on the property.It’s called Cross Creek Condominiums and the property sits just west of Waikiki’s Kailua Beach and on the shores of Oahu’s popular Cross Creek.In 2016, the building was listed for $1.7 million.However, this year, the listing has been pulled […]

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