How to make a summer condominium

By: Alex ObertanPublished August 06, 2018 06:17:04 A summer condo is one that can be enjoyed by people who live in it and for the time being.In the meantime, though, we can’t help but notice a trend that’s been building up for the past few years.Summer condos have become more popular in cities that have built their population up to […]

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Why the city is banning the condominium boom in Park Place

Vail, Colorado — In Park Place, condos and apartments are popping up, but many residents fear the trend could be hurting the local economy.“I’m really concerned that this condo boom is going to be hurting our town because it will take our jobs,” said Park Place resident Amanda DeSouza.Her condo has a pool, but no spa.“It’s very scary,” she said.“The […]

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