Bitcoin Price Up $30,000 as Gold Surge Increases

Bitcoin Price rose as much as $30 million to reach a record high on Thursday, while gold surged to record highs as investors began to pour in for a possible bull market.The digital currency is currently trading at a low of $1,250.21.It was trading at $1.2417 at 10:50 a.m.ET.Gold was trading up more than $2,000 a troy ounce, or about […]

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What’s next for the New York Islanders?

With their playoff hopes in tatters and with no certainty in the Islanders’ direction, coach John Tavares has called for his players to work together and focus on their collective health and well-being.“We have to get better,” Tavares said Friday.“We have a lot of things to figure out.We can’t just blame our teammates.We have to go out there and focus, […]

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