When the condo towers rise in Manhattan, they will be one of the largest ever

Condominium towers in Manhattan will rise more than 10 times as high as the skyscrapers that now line the city’s skyline, and they will have more than double the volume of parking spaces, a new report has found.The study, by a team of architects, planners, engineers, and residents from the city and its surrounding suburbs, found that when combined, the […]

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Why is the lakeview condo losing money?

Now Playing: Former Michigan football player says he will donate $25 million to charity after NFL suspension Media: Fox5Detroit, Facebook article Now Play: Former NFL quarterback Joe Flacco says he’ll donate $50 million to charities after NFL lockout Media: Associated Press Now Play.Now Playing.Now Play.: New evidence: Trump Tower building was built to withstand a nuclear blast Media: ABC News […]

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When your condo isn’t paying rent, it’s not the problem

If you don’t have a condo, you can’t blame it on your landlord.But if your condo doesn’t pay rent, the problem could be much worse.“If you don`t pay your rent, you’re going to get a bill from the building,” said John Kagan, an attorney who represents tenants in Philadelphia.“And if you`re paying your rent but your unit is not paying […]

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