How to build a small condominium in Bella Vista: A guide

A little over a decade ago, a new wave of condominium development began.While developers had hoped to create a new breed of low-density, mixed-use housing with high density and low-rise retail, they had little to show for their efforts.Instead, they were left with a handful of single-family houses that didn’t meet the city’s stringent density standards, including those in Bellas […]

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How to build a condo in one week with an $8,000 investment

A condo in the sprawling, multi-million dollar Sprouts condominium development in New Orleans has just become the most expensive apartment in the world.The building, completed last year and now available to buy, has an average asking price of $8.3 million, according to real estate broker CBRE.The project’s average condo rent is $1,200 per month, with monthly payments of $2,000.The Sprouts […]

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New homes for buyers in Perth’s Harbor House condominium

The Harbour House condontary in Perth, Australia, was given the go-ahead to sell up to 300 units at a cost of $1.1 million.The property has been sitting empty since it closed in March, and the property was expected to sell for a lot more than $1 million when the property closes.The new condominium will be located in the newly renovated […]

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