City mulls reopening of Port Phillip condos amid ‘significant threat’ from flooding

A controversial plan by the city to re-open two high-rise condominium towers at the corner of Port Philip and Point East has sparked outrage from residents who fear the area will become uninhabitable due to rising sea levels.The Port Phillip Harbour Development Authority has filed a permit application with the city’s planning department for the two highrises, a $200 million […]

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Why the courtney palm condominium is going bankrupt

The $600,000 condominium at the end of the sea snake is about to become a shambles, thanks to its landlord.Courtney Palm is an eight-bedroom, $2.5 million condominium that sits on the southern tip of the Chesapeake Bay.It is a luxury project, but one that has been plagued by financial woes and is currently struggling to make ends meet.The property has […]

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Why I’m not buying any new condo in Toronto anymore

I bought a condo in West Edmonton, a small town in Alberta’s far north that is the third-largest city in Canada.But I don’t think I’ll be moving anywhere in the next few years, especially as I get older.I’m a single dad with three kids.I can’t imagine living in a condo, but I have two young kids, ages 11 and 15, […]

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