What you need to know about the RIVERS EDGE condominium project

The RIVERSEDGE cond-o development, which is in the midst of a $30 million redevelopment project in Miami’s Miami Beach neighbourhood, will be the world’s largest condominium complex with 740 luxury condominium units and 2,100 parking spaces. “It will be one of the most exciting condominium developments of the last 10 years,” said Michael C. Tuck, the Miami-based chief executive officer of […]

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Beachescrest condos get $10 million tax break

Beachesside condominium and hotel, located just north of the River Edge Trail, is looking to sell to a group that wants to build a massive condo development in the area.The group, which has raised $40 million to buy and build a condo tower on the site, is aiming to build 1,000 luxury units.The condos are planned for a stretch of […]

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