Queen Elizabeth II’s royal palm condominium atrium opens in Toronto

Toronto – Queen Elizabeth II, the current ruler of the British monarchy, has purchased a condominium on Queen’s Island.The Queen’s condominium is located on the northwest corner of the island, which has an average annual rainfall of 1,800 millimetres.The island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and is known for its tropical climate.The Queen’s residence has an outdoor garden and […]

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‘Superior’ hotel in Bali, the highest in Indonesia

By Ben KuzmanovicPublished November 09, 2018 07:30:06The luxury Hotel Royale is a luxury resort that was once the flagship of the Royal Palm Hotel chain in Balyani, Bali.Now it is the highest-end hotel in Indonesia, with the equivalent of more than 200,000 square feet (11,000 sq m).The resort is located in the heart of the historic village of Bali that […]

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