What if you could take your condo to Hawaii for $50,000?

The Pointe Condominiums condominium is one of the most luxurious condominium projects in Hawaii, and it has a lot of perks that include free wifi and private dining rooms.The condos are located in the Pointe Village condominium complex in Hawaii’s Waikiki neighborhood.However, the Pointes aren’t just a luxury condominium; they’re also a source of income for many people living in […]

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How to fix condo prices: Rebuilds

A major overhaul of condo construction, which will likely be completed by 2019, is expected to be done in the next two to three years, according to a group of investors led by Goldman Sachs.A major revamp of condo production, which has already begun in some of the most expensive areas of Manhattan, is anticipated to be completed in 2019.The […]

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